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A mystical Order focused on the study of the Single Truth present within all reality, based upon the principles of Mystical Christianity as expressed by Louis-Claude de Saint-Martin and by Papus (Gerard Encausse), following the traditional lineage and teaching of the Martinist Order Universal, seeking the Reintegration of All Mankind.

Our Order welcomes applications from all sincere Seekers above the Age of Majority in their own country without discrimination, as defined by the United Nations Commission on Human Rights.

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The Martinist Order of the Golden and Rosy+Cross is a traditional Martinist Order, with a direct heritage and lineage from a well-established Martinist Tradition, which has conserved and re-integrated all the myriad lineages of the disparate streams of the Martinist Order Universal. We are actively working to promote co-operation and support among Martinists globally  who share our conviction that reintegration must take place on all levels, including among the divers Orders comprising the Martinist Order Universal, for the benefit of mankind. We now present ourselves to the world to be of service to any genuine seeker of the One Sole Truth.

The Martinist Tradition emerged in 18th century France during a period of significant expansion of esoteric and philosophic enquiry. It began as a system of philosophic thought. Some histories trace its roots further back to 17th century Rosicrucianism and 11th century Constantinople. The term Martinism was not used until the late 19th century and is a collective term for the movement as a whole. Martinism is predicated on the work and writings of Louis-Claude de Saint-Martin.

Saint-Martin’s first book “Of Errors and of Truth” was published in 1775 under the pseudonym 'The Unknown Philosopher.'  He was strongly influenced by the works of Jacob Boehme and translated many of his works from German into French. After the death of Saint-Martin, his disciples carried on the transmission of initiation; spreading the doctrine of the Unknown Philosopher and establishing initiates across Europe and Russia. 

In the late 1880’s two medical students met and discovered they had both received the Martinist initiation of Saint-Martin through two different lines of transmission. They were Dr Gerard Encausse, otherwise known as Papus (1865 – 1916), and Pierre-Augustin Chaboseau (1868 – 1946). Working together and sharing initiations they consolidated these two lines. Thus, the Martinist Order as we know it today was born.

The current Martinist movement has no overarching governing body. It is formed of a number of separate and independent Orders. All are based on the work and philosophy of Louis Claude de Saint-Martin. All focus on the concept of man’s divine origin and the importance of regaining this state through spiritual guidance, illumination and personal work and study. Each has its own interpretation and focus on the means to achieve this.




Our Background


Our Order directly descends from the lineage of the Ordre Martiniste et Synarchique of Victor Blanchard.

Our leadership have possession of valid lines of transmission from all known Martinist streams that splintered from the original Ordre Martiniste of Papus (Gerard Encausse), as well as the more direct Russian lineages of filiation from Louis-Claude de Saint-Martin. Thus, we have re-integrated the disparate lineages that individual ego has permitted to diverge, and are actively seeking to return the unity of the Martinist Order Universal.

As such, we have a number of treaties of amity and concordats with other highly respectable Martinist Orders, and are most desirous of bridging previous personal disagreements and historical differences of opinion, in order to reconcile all Martinists to continue the Great Work, united in spirit and direction. We are actively working to reintegrate the disparate streams of the Martinist Order Universal..

Our Locations

Our Order has Heptads across Canada, in Brazil, the United Kingdom, in Europe, Australasia and the United States of America.

Access to our Order is a private matter between the Aspirant and the Order. No genuine enquiry will be ignored nor treated without the respect that it deserves.

Please feel free to contact us via the links below should you wish to pursue the path of study of the Martinist Way of the Heart and feel that our Order would be of benefit to you.

If we are unable to assist, we would be happy to direct you to other highly respectable and reputable Martinist Orders which may operate in your particular geographic region.


A Promise

Sadly, over the last 140 years, Martinism has been divided by the individual objectives of certain leaders, and many splinter Orders have been formed, some by those who have sought to create their own particular and personal groups of which they are in absolute control.


The MoGR+C strives only to support and open the path of the Martinist Way of the Heart to each and every True Seeker, and firmly underlines the importance of the Fundamental Tenets of Martinism, without desiring to create anything that might create a hierarchical structure beyond what is needed for the Great Work that we are all enjoined to accomplish. 

The MoGR+C will not permit the Fundamental Tenets of Martinism to be breached within the Order, nor will permit any action that might be against that Philosophy of Unification by which we are all actuated. 

Traditional Initiation


The Martinist Order of the Golden and Rosy+Cross offers only the most pure and traditional initiations into the Martinist Path, and only in person. No correspondence course is available.

Our Heptads across North and South America as well as in Europe permit us to offer an aspirant access if geographically reasonable to them.

Those wishing to follow the Way of the Heart but having no group in reasonable distance to them may join an existing more distant group in person, and be subsequently guided through the course of study via online assistance. 

As with any genuine Martinist Order, no fees are ever chargeable for membership, initiation or instruction. The only charges ever requested are voluntary contributions to the rental of meeting places. We do not charge for the curriculum of the Martinist tradition, and any supplementary printed material is at publishers cost only.


Articles and Pages of Interest

A brief introduction to Louis-Claude de Saint-Martin and the Superior Inconnus

Manifestations of the Martinist Order by Milko Bogaard

Martinez de Pasqually and the Elus Coen


The following Martinist Orders are some of those that we have close contacts with, whose work and approach is deemed by us to be entirely true to that of the original Martinist Current. Thus we fully support and recommend these Orders without hesitation:

L'Ordre Martiniste

L'Ordre Martiniste- Grand Council of the United States

Irmadande dos Filosofos Desconhecidos


The Ancient Martinist Order

The Occult Martinist Order

Ordine Martinista dell'Aurei Philosophi

The Martinist Order of America

The Independent & Rectified Martinist Rite of Australia

The Martinist Order of Australia

The Martinist Order of New Zealand

The Hermetic Order of Martinists

Our Extended Organisation

The Martinist Order of the Golden and Rosy+Cross operates under the aegis of a larger Priory of Hermetic Studies, a federally registered not-for-profit society.

Our Priory is a conservator of many different Initiatic and Esoteric traditions, for the benefit of our members, and for the preservation of traditions and orders that might otherwise disappear and be lost forever.

Traditions within the Priory may become opened up to those who demonstrate symmetry and alignment with these respective paths, but the Priory strongly believe that these currents should be reserved to those who are intrinsically inclined towards them.

When the seeker is ready, a doorway will appear, and the path become opened to them.

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The Martinist Order of the Golden and Rosy+Cross invites enquiries regarding membership from serious men and women.

Please access the introductory instructions and course here:

The Writings of the Unknown Philosopher

For those interested in the writings of Louis-Claude de Saint-Martin, here are a number of his writings in English:

The Spiritual Ministry of Man

Man, His True Nature and Ministry


The Natural Table

The Red Book

Aphorisms & Maxims

Ten Prayers

Of Errors and Truth


Please direct all correspondence and enquiries to:

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