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As the Martinist Order of the Golden and Rosy+Cross is a traditional Martinist Order, we do not rush into the process of admitting new members to the Order, as we wish to ensure that all Postulants are sufficiently informed as to what we study, and what the Martinist Way of the Heart means.

Therefore, we have devised an introductory course, with a number of readings, instruction, and advice regarding commencing personal meditation practice, to ensure that the Postulant is sufficiently prepared for the next step in the Martinist journey.

Please access this course via the button below to send us an email requesting the course.

At the end of the course, there is a summary document that should be completed, describing what you have learned through the course, and why you wish to proceed with an application. This should be completed and returned. With receipt of this fully completed document, we will send you an application for membership.

Specific questions which arise during the course can be sent via email and will be answered.

We look forward to being of service to you on your own personal journey.

Lux et Pax!

The Sovereign Tribunal of the Martinist Order of the Golden and Rosy+Cross

The following open letter was written by a dearly beloved member of our Order, and gives an introduction to the background and exegesis of the Martinist Order Universal, which we feel is a valuable perspective and introduction to the path that we collectively follow:

"The only initiation that I teach and seek with all the ardor of my soul is that one which allows us to enter the heart of God and to enter the Heart of God in us in order to make an indissoluble marriage there. There is no other mystery to come to this Holy Initiation except this: to penetrate ever more in the depths of our being to bring out the living and life-giving root; for all the fruits that we should bear will naturally produce in us and outside of us. "

Louis-Claude de Saint-Martin

Dear Friend,


Your sincere search for the Light of Initiation permits us to introduce to you a spiritual affiliation, that for many years has been uniting the desire of men in the common goal of the Reintegration to the Original Aims of the Great Architect of the Universe.


What does the term Martinism properly mean?


Martinism is a complex movement, and for now we are going to limit ourselves in modest and simplistic terms, to define the Martinist Order. Our Venerable Order is an initiatory body of Christian Hermetism, a conduit of knowledge founded in the late nineteenth century in Paris, by Dr. Gerard Encausse, commonly known as Papus.


Papus conceived the Martinist Order as an Initiatory Order and a School of Christian Occultism. The Order, was founded in 1884 and progressively developed, and in 1891, the Supreme Council was constituted.


It has been written that Papus, holder of an initiatory lineage dating back to the mystical circles created by Louis-Claude de Saint-Martin, theosophist and mystic of the eighteenth century; in association with Pierre Augustin Chaboseau, possessor of the same traditional legacy via another lineage; founded an Order that in addition to the study, doctrine and legacy of the initiation of Louis-Claude de Saint-Martin, the Unknown Philosopher, played a unique and fundamental role in the revival of European mysticism and occultism.


Within a few years, dozens of Martinist Lodges spread throughout the world, spreading the hermetic teachings which today comprise the Martinist curriculum. These include the traditional studies of comparative religion, classical mythology, kabbalah, numerology, tarot, the Hierarchy of Beings, and many other aspects of the so-called ‘occult sciences’ of Western Esotericism.


What is the basis of Martinist Initiation? A traditional document explains it as follows:

"It contains the philosophy of our Venerable Master, especially based on the theories of the Egyptians, synthesized by Pythagoras and his school. It contains, in its symbolism, the key that opens the world of spirits and that is not closed; ineffable secret, incommunicado and only understandable to the true Adept. This work does not profane the sanctity of Isis Unveiled by reckless revelations. One who is worthy and is versed in the history of Hermeticism, in its doctrines and its rites in their ceremonies and hieroglyphics, can penetrate the secret but real significance of the small number of symbols offered to meditation Human Desire."


The Order, in short, is a school of High Hermeticism and its teachings, without overlooking the wide corpus already mentioned, are mainly focused on Christian mysticism and the Kabbalah. It's path opens only to a few people, carefully chosen ones, for quality is preferred over quantity. The Martinist Initiation is the result of teaching and practice, and is in itself centred on the inner work of the Initiate. Initiation is gradual and occurs as the capabilities and readiness of the Initiate unfold. This is the feeling that we can extract the famous speech given by Stanislas de Guaita:


"We did initiate: the role of the initiators is restricted here. If you come by yourself to the intelligence of Arcana, you will merit the title of Adept; but see well; It would be in vain that the most Wise teachers wanted to prove to you the supreme formulae of Science and magical power. The Hidden Truth cannot be transmitted in a speech: each must evoke it, create it and develop it itself. You are initiated: one that others put in the way; be strong to become an Adept, one who conquers the Science for himself; in a word: the Son of his works."


The discourse of Stanislas de Guaita, which we cannot transcribe fully here, deserves study and reflection. He develops the following doctrine: Initiation is certainly the result of a teaching and training, however, is in its course an intense personal training able to make every aspiring one to be initiated for that Greater Initiation through which "one enters into the Heart of God and co-aligns it to the fragment of God in all of us to  create an undissolvable marriage. "


It is also worth clarifying here that after the death of Papus, the Martinist Order fragmented, creating many different splinter groups, each with a different perspective on how the teachings should be dispersed and the Initiation passed on.


The Martinist Order of the Golden and Rosy+Cross, a pure expression of the Martinist Order Universal, has as its goal to develop the spiritual portion the individual, for the improvement of mankind, and for the restoration of the divinity of humanity. We propose a way of spiritual development through the regeneration of body, soul and spirit, awakening the intimate knowledge and the experience of the Divine present in all things. We believe, in One Divine Principle that may be designated by different names. Our Tradition, based on the language and symbolism of Western esoterism, seeks to balance the knowledge of the heart with that of philosophy. We believe that the sole hope of human society depends on the development of each individual.


We meet regularly in a ritualistic environment, and whether together or in personal work, we follow a structured and comprehensive course of study and instruction. While fully respecting the beliefs of all, we engage in philosophical debate and study to explore what we understand as the most crucial considerations of Life, Man, Soul, Spirit and God. We explore, finally, the many aspects of the Godhead in only non-dogmatic terms.


We follow an internal course or path based on an ancient system of oral teachings and personal studies. The Martinist Order of the Golden and Rosy+Cross does not have a form of affiliation by distance nor sends lessons by correspondence. For someone to become member it is required to be initiated in a regular Martinist Temple by a qualified initiator. Our Order is open to all, without discrimination.


In order to commence an Association with our Order it is necessary to have some experience in meditation, and a basic understanding or experience with rituals. It is also necessary to be able to attend group meetings where possible, and to be open to debate, maintaining a respectful attitude toward others and their views. We strive for fraternal coexistence between our members, and the maintenance of privileged spaces for free thought and reflection. It is expected that members will commit at least one evening per week to the study and practice of Martinism.


The Order has three levels or stages of learning and instruction: Associate, Initiate and Unknown Superior, conferred according to the traditional rituals that progress the seeker along their initiatory path. The development through attendance and participation in the meetings of Heptads or Associate Circles is an important part of this progress.


Martinism is a spiritual and philosophic chivalry that pursues individual and collective improvement. It is mandatory, therefore, that Martinism in all the world is comprised of perfect servants, successors of the true masters of this initiatory chain, Unknown Servants, unbreakable links of our initiatory chain.


It is precisely in order for you to become part of the traditional Initiation chain that we address you this invitation, and your answer must come from your heart, after careful reflection.


May the Eternal Light of Wisdom Ever Enlighten You!


A Phil:: Inc::




Please direct all correspondence and enquiries to:

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